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Connected Fest Haul!

Monday, September 17th, 2012





I wish I could have gotten more things from the UNIF booth.. but I was so flustered! One of the dudes working in it even had to ask me to “wrap it up” cause I just kept going back and forth everywhere. There was too much stuff and too little time to make my decisions! Ugh. One of my MAIN goals was to get the Question Everything tank, but I COMPLETELY spaced. Ugh, so dumb. But I’m still rather thrilled with what I DID get! 


  • 666 Eyes Tee (Defected because it doesn’t have a UNIF label!)
  • True Love Kills Tank 
  • H8 Ball Tank
  • Wish You Were Weird Tank
  • Fancy Fire Tee


  • Lazy Daisy Enlongated Vest
  • Lazy Daisy Sheer Button-Up


  • MM Couture Kimono Jacket

So yeah, I got that, and my Hellbounds, and a Grateful Dead tee that I’m about to do an OOTD with, so I’ll post that later today. I’m thinking of maybe selling the Fancy Fire tee. Not because I don’t love it, because I do! It just doesn’t fit the way I’d love it to. The tag is Medium, but it fits soo large. And I might sell the 666 Eyes tee, because I don’t look that great in it. 😦 ANYWAYS, stay tuned for more things I’m going to put up for sale!


Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

So on Monday, I went to LA with some friends, and as I was drooling over the JC stock in Wasteland, I see the cute hair of Antonia Thomas, who plays Alisha on Misfits.  I guess it was her first day in LA and she’s out here for work. I’m super happy that she was a sweetheart and let me take a picture with her. 🙂 

(^These pictures taken with and by Becca^)