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Needing is Believing

Friday, November 16th, 2012


So, I’m quite sad that I haven’t had too much money lately. Because the Zidler Hi was on Wasteland for about 180, and now they’re on Solestruck for 265. 80 DOLLAR DIFFERENCE. Thats a bit ridiculous. So I hope black friday will be nice to me so I can obtain those or the Soletrain. Bah! I have the holographic Suebees so I know the holographic is BEAUTIFUL. I’ve been hoping and hoping that JC would make more holographic shoes. Ugh. And I’ve always wanted Boy London stuff, and I NEVER let myself look at it because its just horribly frustrated how I am incapable of spending 50 bucks on a t shirt.. but I looked. And now its on my mind. But since I’m broke and poor.. and everyone I know is pretty broke and poor.. I may just get the Vivian ¬†shoes. SO BEAUTIFUL. I’m thinking of selling my suede Night Walks because they hurt.. and I literally JUST got my checkered ones! I had to stop typing to go get them from the doorstep! AHH! LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL! I HAD TO WAIT SO LONG!


I sent back the size 7’s to exchange for a 6.5 last friday, and they got back to me today! So quick! I love Solestruck. I can’t believe this has been my first purchase from them, omg. Loving these. I’ve wanted them for too long, I will love them for the rest of my sad little life. YES!