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American Apparel Haul!

Saturday, August 4th, 2012





(Tie Dye Stretch Twill High-Waist Side Zipper Pant in Smart Brown/Almost Black, 85$ bought for 35$; The Malibu Swimsuit in Magenta, 42$ bought for 15$; Sheer Spiral Tight in Dusty Lilac, 14$ bought for 4$; Sheer Luxe Grid Pantyhose in Navy Grid, 25$ bought for 6$; Sheer Luxe Zig-Zag Shapes Pantyhose in Tango Red Zig Zag Dot, 25$ bought for 6$)

The picture quality is not the best, but I’m just too excited about the stuff I got today! All for about 60 dollars! I’m hoping to get back to the factory for the flea market sale before it ends on the 15th! I need to catch some leggings.. maybe a real early trip will have to be planned. Anyways! So excited! 

Sisterly Combat

Sunday, February 19th, 2012


(Beanie, borrowed from my sister; Mesh Top, Urban Outfitters; Snake Top, Goodwill; Jeans, F21, then dyed and studded by me; Boots, Baker’s)

My sister and I went to help my grandmother and aunt look at dresses for my cousins wedding, which she is having on St. Patty’s day. So naturally I took pictures of us obviously being slick cats. And just so you know this whole outfit costs less than 100 bucks. Yeah, I’m pretty thrifty when it comes to clothes. Its the price of the shoes you usually have to look out for! But this day was pretty good!

My sister also has a blog, so check it on out!