Friday, January 18th, 2013






(Chiffon Button Up, Goodwill; Tiger Print Turtle Neck, Goodwill; Velvet Shorts, Goodwill; Tights, Target; Platforms, Y.R.U)

So, I suck. At keeping a blog. Maybe I’ve just been too lazy to actually post anything on here.. because I swear I put a bunch of outfit of the days on Instagram! Ha, OH YOU ALL I AM SO SUPER EXCITED FOR CONNECTED FEST THIS MARCH, I AM TRYING DESPERATELY TO SAVE ALL MY MONEY BUT ITS SO HARD! Might buy just one UNIF dress before then.. because I want it so badly and I don’t want it to go away and then not be at Connected Fest.. SIGH. I’m too pooped. Yoga was super duper sweaty.. but amazing. Mreh. Gotta post some new stuff up on my Etsy as well! I have a HUGE pile of things to sell! But I need to get more things I have up already sold. So go check it out so I can post more things!


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