Ain’t Got No Title

Thursday, December 27th, 2012






(Jacket, Zara; Top, Goodwill; Skirt, Goodwill; Tights, Target; Shoes, JCxBlackmilk)

I haven’t been very good with posting outfits or anything else for that matter, ‘cept for on my instagram (elisaissomean). 😦 I’ve been all sick for a few weeks, and haven’t been doing much.  Just a cold, but its just lingering all over the place! Anywhoodles, I hope everybody had a great christmas! My mom got me a little coffee maker, coffee, mermaid hellbounds, and the pastel harness dress! 


Sad thing is, the hellbounds are defective. One heel was put on a tad crooked, but it’s crooked enough to the point that it doesn’t sit level on the ground and wobbles when I step. It could be tolerable, but it bugs thee crap out of me. I emailed UNIF but they didn’t get back to me yet, and I can’t get a refund if I send the shoes back after saturday. So I’m just going to send them back for a full refund and spend the money elsewhere. Sigh. I’m real sad, but I guess I’m just not meant to have the mermaid ones just yet. Oh well! The harness dress is so perfect! It’s too bad its really cold outside! I’ll wear it soon though, and do an ootd! Woop! 

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