Blue In The Face

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012






(Beret, The Blues; Cardigan, Goodwill; Cropped Sweater, F21; Disco Pants, American Apparel, Tardy’s, JC)

It was really cold, so I got to dig out my disco pants, finally! Its like 81 here today, so it was a short cold spurt. Its really nice though. I need more winter dressing practice. I literally don’t know what to wear when I know its cold. Sad. But oh well. I’m having frustrations with the dumb USPS today. I sent back my platform YRU qozmos because I wanted to size down half a size, and the USPS said I needed to pay 18 dollars. I used the dumb return label instead of calling Kloop and asking for an exchange label. So now I have to pay 18 bucks to send them back. I’m just going to send them back.. get my money back, and buy them on Solestruck since they got restocked. Or I’ll just save the money for black friday. Sigh. I’m excited but also not, because I wish I had a bit more money to spend. Oh well. Gonna go get my roots did. Yayyyyy.

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