Selling Lykke Platform By Jeffrey Campbell

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012


Selling these babes because, well, they weren’t what I ordered. I ordered the Gil Stud from Karmaloop, and they sent me these. This, ladies and gentlemen, has happened before. Last December I bought the CHECKERED night walks from Karmaloop.. and I got them.. but the fabric was warped and there were air pockets under the leather.. so I sent them back for a different pair, which took ages because it was during Christmas/New Years craziness. So when I finally got my box.. I got the black suede night walks.. which I obviously kept because I didnt want to have to wait any longer for the proper pair. UGH. I love Karmaloop, because they have the best deals and promo/rep codes.. but sometimes they can really just let a girl down. When I called to complain that I got the wrong night walks.. they didn’t even have anymore checkered ones in stock. And all they offered me was a 20% off code.. which I can already get ANY TIME. Like come on. I’m not a dumb shopper I know what’s up. Sigh. Anyways. I’m selling these because they’re not what I ordered and they’re too small anyways! Check them out!


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