Wasted & Connected

Sunday, September 16th, 2012






(Military Button Down, Goodwill; Pins, Various; Leggings, F21; Hellbounds, UNIF)

SOO yesterday was Connected Fest, and it was both the happiest and most annoying day of my year so far. It was awesome because of the deals, OH THE DEALS, but annoying because, A. It was 100 degrees the whole time, and B. I only had 200 bucks to spend. I know, I’m a person who finds amazing deals, and can still complain about not buying EVERYTHING I wanted. I’ll make a post showing ya’llz what I got tomorrow. But for now, you can obviously see I finally got some Hellbounds. I REALLY wanted to Mermaid Pink ones.. and there was one more pair on my size, but they were a bit beat up. If I’m gonna have shoes, you best believe they’re going to be perfect from the moment I get them. The only problem these had was that there’s a tad bit of glue in some places. No biggie. Anyways! I’ll probably still get the Mermaids for my birthday.. if not, maybe a couple of sale shoes. Too early to tell. 


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