The Opposite Of Photogenic

Thursday, August 30th, 2012




(Dress, H&M; Knee Highs, Target; Shoes, T.U.K.)

I was really not feeling photogenic today, so this is what is revealed. Bah. I’m going over to Crossroads tomorrow to try to sell some clothes. Last time I attempted to do so, didn’t go very well. But this time I’m more prepared for what they’re looking for and stuff! OH! And, I have like, a helpfulness review from calling two diff locations of the store Eilatan. I first called the one at the Beverly Center, right? All I wanted to know was if the Hellbounds were on sale or not in-store. The girl had NO CLUE what she was being asked or something. It took like, 5 minutes for her to even understand what I was asking. And she was not even helpful in the end. Then I called the one in Irvine.. the girl who answered was SO helpful.. as soon as I asked if the Hellbounds were on sale she said she would check, and asked what colors and what size I wanted. And she commented on which ones she loved and the sizing, which is helpful if you havent already been stalking them since they only had black ones. ANYWAYS, I’m calling again tomorrow IF I end up getting enough money from Crossroads to buy some dumb hellbounds. Maybe I’ll write another experience review type of thang later. Wish me luck at Crossroads, ya’ll!

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