I Want A Full Head Of Blonde

Thursday, August 16th, 2012





(Sun Necklace, Manic Panic; Leotard, Goodwill; Leopard Belt, Goodwill; Cutoff Shorts, Diy Jeans from Goodwill; Tights, Target; Socks, Diy; Shoes, F21)

So I have been wanting to go blonde for such a long time. And its got to be a process. Because I’ve done so much crap to my hair over time. Getting it dyed diff colors.. dying it dark burgundy and black with a box dye when I’m feeling impatient.. So I need to just keep growing. And growing. The blues and a little bit of purple are covering the nasty leftovers from blacks and reds. Sigh. But I ordered a cute harness belt yesterday from ASOS. People say it like “ey-sose”, but I just spell out, “ey-es-oh-es”. It sounds better. Like how Audi is said like outtie. I have it. I say Audi as in audio. Anyways. Random ramble. Guhbye. 


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