Weapons for Spring

Monday, March 26th, 2012


“Shopping, shopping, shopping, must be shocking, in a rich girls world.” I keep revising the song Money, Money, Money by Abba with these words. Ha! Anyways, went shopping, bought some Litas at Wasteland. So happy! Though they’re a size 7.5, they fit almost exactly like my size 7 python Litas. Crayy.  I also got some AA leggings (for 18 bucks! yeah!) and more OCC lip tar. I’ve already got the blue (RX) and black (TARRED), and this color (DIVINE) was so pretty. I didn’t even know that the lip tar and leggings were exactly the same color until I got back in the car..  more cray! And to top it all off, I went on a nature walk today and took random pictures of a tree and creepy awesome stuff someone had in front of their yard. 




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