Denim Court Shoe

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012


(Asos Denim Court Shoe)

These came to me on Friday! They’re so cute.. but a tad big. I pretty positive I’d prefer to return them for a smaller size. So sad there aren’t half sizes though. But on a more successful note my mommy ordered me these today:


Happiness awaits!


3 comments on “Denim Court Shoe

  1. belleatisuto says:

    I’m thinking of ordering these shoes in white. Can you tell me if these are just a half size too big, is it good for wide feet, and if they’re comfortable? Thanks. I would love the info.

    • I usually wear a size 7, and they felt maybe half a size too big, but I was going to order a full size down since they don’t have half sizes. (I’m thinking of getting the yellow ones!) I think the denim ones would have been good for wide feet, but I’m not sure about the pleather ones that are on the site now. One thing is, if you get normal size they would probably be fine for wide feet. I could walk in the shoes, but I prefer shoes to be too tight than too large. I hope that made sense. haha. Good luck!

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